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Maintenance Schedule

Item Function Required Weekly 3 Mo / 3000 Mi 6 Mo / 6000 Mi 12 Mo / 12000 Mi
Brakes &
Brake Lights
Test that they are operational At Every Use
Brake Fluid Check fluid level in Master Cylinder X      
Brake Adjust Adjust to proper operating clearance   X    
Brake Linings Inspect for wear or contamination       X
Brake Wheel &
Master Cylinders
Check for leaks and sticking       X
Breakaway System Check cable integrity and secure properly to tow vehicle At Every Use
Brake Drums Inspect for abnormal wear or scoring       X
Bearings Inspect for corrosion or wear. Clean and repack       X
Seals Inspect for leakage. Replace if removed       X
Suspension Inspect for bending, loose fasteners and wear.     X  
Actuator/Hitch Lubricate links, pivots, release handle and actuator body     X  
Swivel Jack Lubricate screw thread and bevel gears       X
Wheel Nuts Tighten to specified torque values   X    
Wheels Inspect for cracks dents or distortion     X  
Tire Pressure Inflate tires to manufacturer's specifications X      
Tire Condition Inspect for leaks, cuts, wear, bulging, etc.   X    
Door Hinges Tighten bolts to specified torque values   X    
Door Latches & Canopy Knobs Ensure that all closures are fully engaged At Every Use
Door Stays Check for slack, tighten as required to correct   X    

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